Thursday, 3 February 2011

Tatty Teddy Pins and Needles

I’m currently working on a Tatty Teddy counted cross-stitch kit (TT102 Pins and Needles), which I had purchased several weeks ago, from Betty Stitchkit in Quarry Bank.

I wouldn’t class myself as a Tatty Teddy fan, but when I saw the display picture, it seemed quite apt. I’m a mum; I stitch, and often feel like I’ve seen better days.
TT102 Pins and Needles

When I studied the pattern, I will admit that I felt somewhat overwhelmed. There were two large sheets of paper displaying the pattern for the cross-stitches and half-stitches, and on the reverse was the pattern for the backstitching, which I didn’t pay much attention to.

All was going well until it came time to commence the backstitching. I now feel seriously tempted to throw the towel in and abandon the project. The words ‘nightmare’, ‘torture’, and ‘Hellish’ spring to mind. I used to think fractional stitches were a hassle, but in comparison, they now seem relatively easy.
Part of the pattern

I can honestly say that the backstitching for this picture has really put me off wanting to stitch any other Tatty Teddy designs.

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