Monday, 14 March 2011

80th Birthday Dilemma & WIP

I am currently experiencing something of a dilemma. My dad has a cousin who will be celebrating her 80th birthday during the Easter weekend. We don’t have a close relationship, and I seldom see her. However, I’ve been invited to a birthday ‘do’, and because it’s such a milestone birthday, I have been thinking that perhaps it would be a nice gesture to make a stitched greeting card.

During recent days, I have been looking on the internet for a suitable pattern or card kit, but just cannot seem to find anything that leaps off the page at me, and makes me think, “Wow!” As I have a vast collection of Cross Stitch Card Shop and Cross Stitch Crazy magazines, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to find something that takes my fancy.

Putting the above aside, my latest WIP is Dimensions Gold Collection Petites – Golden Puppy.

Dimensions Gold Collection Petites - Golden Puppy
It is being stitched on 18-count ivory cotton Aida, and consists of full cross stitches, half cross stitches, and a couple of French knots, in addition to back stitches. For reasons that I cannot fathom, the masking tape I’m using (to attach the Aida to my No-Sew Roller Frame) doesn’t seem to want to adhere to the Aida. I’ve not experienced this problem previously, so I’m completely stumped. I even tried using double-side adhesive tape (in addition to the masking tape), which proved to be a waste of time. As a result of the problems I’m experiencing, I fear it could be a while before my WIP is completed.

All being well, I will be posting another blog before the end of this week, about a couple of items that I recently completed.  As the saying goes, watch this space!


Sally said...

Good luck in finding something suitable for your Dad's cousin.

How cute is that puppy! Looking forward to seeing your progress.

CrazyStitcher said...

Thanks Sally. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can find something I like.

As for the Golden Puppy kit, there was no way I could resist buying it. I'm so potty about dogs that knowing me, I'll probably end up giving it a name, and talking to it as though it is a real dog. What am I like! Lol. x

Aurelia Eglantine said...

I find birthday motifs are always hard to find - smaller patterns tend to be too simple and larger designs tend to be too complicated for cards :) A stitched card is a lovely gift idea! If you don't know her well enough for favourite subjects or colours, flowers are always nice IMO.

I have no idea if these will help, but there are two freebies that come to my mind: Pelin Tezer's Hearts & Flowers 2, which features a lovely pink rose in a lacy heart, and Jeanne Dansby's blackwork Flower, which is really nice and would look great done in burgundy or pink. You can view it here and see a stitched version in the slideshow and download the pattern from the list here.

I love your puppy! He's so cute :) You'll have to let us know what you decide to name him! I do it with works too sometimes, especially animals. My current WIP Twilight Angel is a DGP, and I find that the Aida doesn't have the same rough nap as the Aida I normally buy - it's very finely woven and hard to grip. I ended up sewing muslin strips to mine so that my wooden hoop would grip the material. Perhaps this might help with your rollers?

CrazyStitcher said...

Aurelia, Thank you for your comment, advice/suggestions, and links.

I'm quite taken with Jeanne Dansby's blackwork Flower, and am thinking that perhaps I could take a leaf out of your book... sparkly threads and beads.

I now think I've decided upon a name for the Golden Puppy, but my lips will remain sealed for the time being (I'm such a tease!).

Thank you for your suggestion of sewing muslin strips to the Aida. If push comes to shove, I may give it a try. x

Rainy Day Crafter said...

Awww, I'm so looking forward to seeing your puppy as you stitch him (or her? Give us a clue! :P) - he's just adorable! :)

Aurelia Eglantine said...

You're very welcome :) I'm glad that it's something you might like! Blackwork is super easy, if you haven't done it before, and it works up so quickly that it's like instant gratification! I hope you do try out some filling stitches - it's super fun to do and quickly gets addicting ;)

One thing I've found is that small geometric elements (like the diamonds and squares in Flower) are perfect for filling as diamonds lend themselves well to simple upright cross-stitches (the "+"s) and squares are perfect for Smyrna Crosses (the "x" cross-stitches overlaid by "+" stitches); both are really easy and great to start off with!

I know sewing strips of fabric to your Aida can look a bit wonky and unattractive while you work, but if it means that your rollers will hold on while you're working, it may be useful. You can rip out the stitches afterwards, and no one will be the wiser, especially if you trim the worked edges off. Adding panels is also useful for too-small Aida as it gives you extra room for framing, so you don't even have to take it off if you don't want to.

Happy Stitching!

CrazyStitcher said...

Rainy Day - I'm sorry, but the only clue you're getting is that my Golden Puppy is male. In the meantime, I'm going to be a rotten spoilsport. You will simply have to wait until he is completed, and I'm ready to publish an image of him on my blog.

The name I have chosen may seem like a strange choice, but all will be explained at the grand unveiling. ;-)

Aurelia - I've tried my hand at basic blackwork, so I think it will be good learning curve for me to try my hand at something a little more advanced. I just need to work out the shades of thread (and perhaps beads) I'm going to use, and then purchase some supplies.